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>  The new energies arrived via the first eclipse on the 13th and I am still adjusting (wow!) and will most likely continue to do so until the equinox portal on the 22/23rd and the final eclipse on the 27/28th. As so much will change after the final lunar eclipse, any new endeavors are still formulating with complete certainty still elusive!

>  Early September has brought new levels of letting go as we prepare for a send-off into the new. This next level of letting go and releasing is bringing even more clarity to my new endeavors, aligning them more fully with the Divine, and reminding me without question to follow my heart and joy no matter what that may look like. The beloved soul of Wayne Dyer has greatly assisted the planet with the process of letting go. . .as we give him a most loving send-off with open and loving hearts. 

>  What a long and challenging journey this has been! I experienced challenges far greater than I could ever have imagined with the advent of the energies arriving in October, 2014, and have been unable to write. Charlie was even left on the back burner :(  , along with family and friends. As we move into more stability now, the new is finally beginning to peak through. Although I will no longer be writing ascension posts, when things eventually settle out, I welcome you in checking the What's New page here for updates on any new endeavors. As always, thank you so much for your continued interest!  

>  I am almost finished writing Charlie Rivers, my first book of fiction. It doesn't really seem like fiction anyway, just a lot of fun in an envelope of the new energy. But I have to say, I have become so attached to the characters, that I miss them when I take a day off! And it's so refreshing to be able to create whatever I choose with the stroke of a key. Charlie should be ready to order late October :D . Read more about him here.

> Gama Books will be getting a brand new look with a completely new web site. After Charlie is complete, I am excited to see what transpires for my new. Things have been coming into my awareness, and I have to chuckle as they are things I have been wanting for quite some time, but one never really knows until all the dust settles. And surprises are the best!  Whatever the outcome, the new web site will as always, offer supports for its readers and be all about the energy of the new.

> The Ascension Posts are still on-going from this seeming waffler of a waffler writer. I had intended to post when anything unusual was occuring with ascension, but as of October, we will be experiencing things we have never experienced before, with unprecedented happenings, so prepare for more posts!

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