children   Coming Soon! Reconnect to the original innocence of the
   child within us all, young and old.

   Join Charlie, his BFFs, and their animal companions as they
   save the world from devastation. Meet Puck Moontwist and
   the Wing-Rudders, the Fire-Claw clan, and a host of others
intwined within the hidden world of nature.

Reconnect with the children to a place so very familiar yet so very forgotten as they remember and bring their true and rightful Home back to Earth once again. Experience
heart-filled moments, moments that dissolve all barriers, the beauty of expressing
unique personal gifts, and so much more.

Interwoven with magic and the Divine at the helm, sometimes playful and always
heart-felt, Charlie Rivers. . .no ordinary boy is suitable for all ages, child to adult.
This book will transport you to the grid of our very new reality with all the bells and

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