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Karen's newest book, Charlie Rivers. . .no ordinary boy is almost complete and
should be ready to order sometime in 2016. More. . .

Her newest release (© 2013) Down Into Up, is available here. The information
within this book is still timely as of 2016. (Kindly note: This book is not available
via Karen's Booklocker store.)

Karen's prior books, Remembering Your Soul Purpose, The Ascension Primer,
The Ascension Companion, Staying in Alignment, Stepping Into the New Reality,
Heart in the Night/Experiencing Great Loss During the End Times, and Emergence
©s 2006-2011) are available through her Booklocker store here and may also be
purchased via any on-line or neighborhood bookstore. Kindly note that some of the information within Karen's prior books is relevant to their publication dates.


  Down Into Up
  The latest ascension news,
  now in both paperback  
  and  e-book formats.
  more. . . .


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