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"I Can't Do This Anymore!" as We Finally Touch the Energy of the Heart. . . Our New Home

As the planet Earth continues with its Dark Night of the Soul, shaking out all that does not embody the energy of love and the heart. . .  the energy of the heart, the energy of God, and the energy of love itself are now beginning to touch our own hearts as we finally begin to reap the fruits of one very long journey.

For some, the road of ascension has been a seemingly never-ending one, ever changing with continual twists, turns, and surprises over its very long course, but in the end, the destination remains the same no matter what road it took to get here. "Weary" would be a massive understatement for some of us, as weariness has now morphed to near catatonic states for the souls who arrived here for the very purpose of the ascension process, as we continue to march along in a near stupor at times. The process
has taken more than a toll on our bodies, minds and spirits. We may feel we have aged 100 years in the past 10, while we may wonder at others who have barely been scathed. In the end, those who embody more energy than most, those who are unusually sensitive, those who have been diligent at their soul levels, and those who have been around for eons of time, have taken a large amount of the brunt of this process. But this is their gift to humanity. If all the souls who came for the ascension process could see themselves through the eyes of God, they would see a beautiful grace and an incredible beauty within the suffering. . . and they would see love. . . massive amounts of love and reverence embracing them as they gallantly continue on.

The ascension process has emptied out much on the planet. Massive cleansings, relentless internal shake-ups from higher vibrating energies, intense pressure as we are being aligned to something very new, and continual adjustments have become a near way of being for the past few years as each individual along with each and every entity on the planet is being affected and changed. The ascension process is in the final stages of shaking out our false selves, of exposing energies from the planet that will no longer fit into a more highly evolved reality, and what is left  is an emptiness, a stillness, and a sometimes strange feeling of invisibility.
This is a natural part of the process and will eventually move into something entirely different.

We lose so much, but in the end it will be well worth it, as what remains is all we will ever need or want. It is true, pure, authentic, innocent, and real.  And even before we arrive in this near final stage, we may find that parts of ourselves that we never knew existed come to the forefront, ready for integration and love. As things progress, our true and authentic selves begin to embody the empty shells that are left within us, while at the same time we begin the process of re-connecting to a much higher vibrating source of love and all that is.

We have been evolving in stages. We reach a new plateau of new territory and "use it up" or rather expand within it as far as we can go (which is not far as each new stepping stone is only designed as just that. . .a stepping stone), and then we many times feel that we can take no more. Whenever we feel that we have had quite enough, that things have bottomed out, along with sometimes feeling that something is "off" or wrong, it is a sure indicator that we have used up that particular step and are now poised for a new one. Very soon then, the next step or space opens up for our arrival and we can breathe once again. Sometimes, we have to utilize several "side doors" in order to occupy ourselves for a while, and at other times, we are just plain tired of the old, we may feel that we have already done everything there is to do, and require a change. . . something new and different. These are simply indicators that we are more than ready for a brand new reality. We have most assuredly graduated from the old one and our souls are telling us just that. We no longer fit nor belong in the old.

The more that we disconnect and unplug from the old, the more of the emptiness, stillness, and "aloneness" we will feel. At times, we may find that all we can seemingly do is sit and stare in silence, or we may even have a difficult time conversing as we normally do. Our minds may go blank. We may feel stunned or frozen as we progress through these final stages as we are not here nor are we there, and our false selves are also beginning a massive morphing and departure as well.

Silence and emptiness are also common because we are in the process of re-connecting in a very different way.  Thomas Keating, priest, monk, and abbot has said that silence is the first stage of communicating with God during a Dark Night of the Soul, and silence is God's preferred language. The silence then, is the beginning of a very new connection and way of being. We can no longer connect to our usual sources and in our usual ways.

It may become difficult as well to connect to others in ways we are accustomed to because we are evolving into connections from heart to heart. If we are not cared about, nor held in the consciousness of another with love and respect, it can feel as if we are trying to connect to someone who is on the other side of one long, dark tunnel and we may simply short-circuit or find ourselves unable to tune in. And with nothing to connect to in all ways in regard to a very new grid and new Earth, connecting to others is more desirable than ever before.  In this way, we can also feel invisible if we attempt to connect to another who cannot "see" us through the energy of the heart.

We may find that we do not know what we will be doing next, what job or source of income we desire, where we may want to reside, or much else as we continue to move forward, all the while releasing as we go.  What we may have planned before somehow no longer fits. But we can know this:  We are resting in the arms of God right now and growing ever closer to a new communion with this loving presence.  God is holding us now. God has our backs. God has the ultimate plan and knows far more than we do. It is in this knowing that we can forever trust.

At the beginning of June, we were released more intensely than ever before from a tight tethering and thus, we spilled out onto something very new. When we scattered forward, we immediately hit a wall regarding "money," or whatever old energies and beliefs were still hanging on and affecting the planet. As these old patterns were lovingly and instantaneously cleared and adjusted, we are now poised for more monetary support. For some, we may find that as soon as we pay for something, the precise amount that we spent is immediately returned to us via another source. We are simply making our way to a way of being and living that will be quite different than what we may have been accustomed to.

The solstice on June 21 pushed us forward, adding yet another punch of higher vibrating energy to our mix as we cleansed yet again, but we also began a more strengthened connection to something very new and different. We are moving ahead rapidly now and a part of us senses this, as many of us have spent the past few days clearing out the old. . . drawers, closets, and much else. We are poised for an arrival into something very new and different. We are waiting at the station for the train to arrive, and this time we are taking very little with us.

We are also connecting to a new source of love. We may find ourselves having unusual dreams where an innocence prevails, a deep connection to one another is prevalent, and there is a sense of complete security and contentment. We may feel a strong presence of love, respect, caring, and security when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, letting go and allowing our authentic and more purified selves to open. This presence is the next step after the silence. We are connecting more fully to the divine, in whatever ways are unique to each of us.

When we let go and allow ourselves to open to things that feel good now, we can actually connect to things that do.  Beauty is beginning to return. Higher vibrating energies are becoming available again. The goodness is coming as well.  We are beginning the process of filling up once again, and this time it is a feeling beyond words.

My heart to yours,

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