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 10/2/2013: We successfully arrived at the gate. Got right up to the entry. Excavating into new ground for the walkway through was begun. . . .and then. . . we experienced a delay.  We may be tired beyond tired of delays, but this is a bit different. We are really and truly there now. The delay was all about choices and who was going where. Past posts described what these choices are about (Down Into Up does as well). And ultimately, the problem that arose is the same problem that has been delaying the ascension process for many, may years. CONTROL. If there is no connection to a higher power present, no sense of love and of God, no reverence for others, no sense of unity with an awareness and desire for community and the good of the whole, then the individual takes over the helm and grips on tighter. We have to be willing to let go of the old and whatever we are continuing to hold onto. We also have to let go and place our trust in God. If we want to hold onto anything now, we can hold onto God and let God and the angels carry us right where we need to be. Although our government here in the US is manifesting the control scenario, it is also assisting at higher levels by contributing to the demise of the old as we prepare to restructure. The delay also showed itself across the board with personal relationships and has been for several months. WE HAVE BEEN DECIDING. Deciding who is going where and giving the optimum time possible for these decisions to be made. . . for relationships to change. . . and for new unity to form before the cross-over so that as many as possible will go (love is the glue that forms the unity).

In addition, although almost ready, our new spaces are still being completed, and as of today, the preparations have resumed once again. After the cross-over, there will be a substantial restructuring of the old and much, and I mean much, will change. In this way, each and every one of us will be guided as to where we need to be during this time. A scenario of musical chairs was occuring in earnest. This is a very pivotal time. Although we may be frustrated with this never-ending process, we are in a very exciting space nonetheless.

My heart to yours,